Congratulations to the many exhibitors who have found success with their cattle
from the Eckloffs and Strolberg's.
2008 Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic
2008 San Antonio
2007 Ak Sar Ben

2007 Kick Off Show
2007 Parade of Breeds
2007 Parade of Breeds
2007 California Mid-State Fair

Cannon Classic
Western Bonanza
2006 Kansas Beef Exposition

Holiday Classic

2006 Ohio State Fair
Grand Champion Jackpot Steer
2004 Grand National Cow Palace
Shown by Amanda Schnoor
Bred by us
Reserve Champion Steer - 2003 Ohio AGR
3rd Overall, 2004 Midwest Showdown
3rd Overall, 2003 Heart of It All
Shown by Jill Simmermon
Bred by us
Grand Champion Market Heifer
 and 4th Overall Market Animal,
2003 Iowa Beef Expo
Shown by Matt Royster
Bred by us
Reserve Champion Chi, Sioux Falls
Reserve Champion Chi, Iowa Beef Expo
Champion Chi & 5th Overall, Donnelson, IA
Champion Crossbred & Reserve Overall,
 "Cattle Battle" Day 2
Shown by JaeLynn Russell
Bred by us

Champion Appendix, 2003 Heart of it All
Resrve Appendix, 2003 Ohio AGR
Reserve Appendix, 2004 Scarlet & Gray
Shown by Levi Richards
Bred by us

Division 1 Champion Crossbred Steer, 2004
Hoosier Beef Congress
Shown by Carson Eller
Bred by us
Champion Overall Heifer and Champion Chi Heifer
 2003 Indiana State Fair
Reserve Supreme Heifer and Champion Ch
 2003 Purdue AGR
Shown by Tegan Simmonds
Bred by us
Reserve Crossbred Steer
 2002 Hoosier Beef, Champion Steer
 2003 Midwest Showdown
Champion Steer, 2003 Missouri AGR
Shown by Russ Martin
Bred by us
Champion Prospect Steer, 2003 Arizona National
Shown by Chance Lautner
Bred by us
3rd Overall, 2004 Kansas Beef Expo
Reserve Champion, 2005 Sunflower Showdown
Class Winner, 2005 National Western
Reserve Crossbred, 2004 Wichita Mountains
Shown by Tawnya Roenbaugh
Bred by us